Quality Assurance

  • TADAKI CORP. is a professional supplier and contractor specializing in production and installation of both aluminum and uPVC, tempered- insulating aluminum (employed German technology) windows and doors. TADAKI is one of the leaders of producing and installing aluminum and uPVC windows and doors.
  • TADAKI CORP. secured the right to use EUROPÄWINDOW brand name worldwide by TADAKI GROUP (J.P) International Construction (Japan).
  • TADAKI CORP. applies quality control comprehensively in the manufacturing process. The product quality is inspected strictly following international standards such as JIS, BS, UI, US, DIN to ensure that products brought to our customers has the highest quality and in a flawless condition.
  • TADAKI CORP. production and assembly lines strictly adhere to European standards with safety guarantee for workers.
  • TADAKI CORP. associates with many world-leading manufacturers such as KALE, GU, ROTO, WINHAU, GQ, that specializes in hardware and ironmongery accessories for windows and doors.
  • We are proud of having full experience in supplying high quality products domestically and internationally.